Most of my projects has been implemented in schools and kindergartens but also organization with different ethnic and social background. Two of most important projects that I implemented was in the Center of Rehabilitation for mother and children year 2002 and in the organization called The Ideas Partnership with children from Roma community year 2014. All these children involved where from low income families that did not have fully access to dental care (please see attached pictures). I held nine lectures for one day and got to educate nearly 150 children from Roma community. The project consisted of basic information about oral health, caries, sugar consumption and preventive care. I also demonstrated proper brushing with plaque dissolvement. At the end of the lecture’s children got the chance to repeat about everything they learned about oral health. It was amazing how much impact the lectures and the instructions had made on them. It was truly an experience that fulfilled me with such love and motivation.

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Picture 1 and 2. Oral health promotion in the organization “The idea partnership” with Roma community - Year 2014.

Oral health promotion lectures

Most of my oral health promotion projects consist of educating children in basic tips and advice thru lectures and tooth brushing demonstration. I have been developing my own lecture with big colorful sheets that are easy to understand. I will summarize the content of my lectures just to have an overall understanding of the setup of my activities. The lectures consist of following information:

* General information about the teeth and its functionality – Understanding the importance of teeth as part of general health.
* Caries- cause and development.
* Sugar consumption and sugary drinks- main cause of tooth decay.
* Healthy food and drinks – "Drink water when thirsty".
* Dental hygiene (with instruction)- the importance of regular tooth brushing/ 2 minutes x 2 a day.
* The importance of visiting the dentist

Beside the lecture, the participants always get their own brushing charts, so they can keep evidence of their tooth brushing for one month and in this way establish good oral hygiene habits. And of course I always give a free toothbrush to the children to keep them motivated.

Picture 3. This beautiful girl showing the toothbrush and the brushing chart - Don Bosko School year 2018, in Pristina.