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Experienced Swedish graduated Dental Hygienist with a demonstrated history of working both clinically and within oral health promotion in fieldwork. I have a passion for oral health promotion and choose to proudly call myself- Oral Health Promoter. My passion of promoting oral health among people in my home country- Kosovo but also worldwide (thru social media), has been one of my priorities in my career. I am founder of my NGO- Center for Preventive Dentistry (non government organization) where I educated more than 1500 children in oral health with different ethnic and social backgrounds. I am also the winner of 2004 scholarship of Swedish Dental Hygienist Association, where I was selected to implement an oral health care project among post-war children in Center for Mother and Children in Prishtina, Kosovo.During my academic experience with two Master degrees in Oral Health sciences and Health Management, I have chosen to study the oral health situation in Kosovo and have a deep knowledge in scientific work. I learned a lot during my professional journey and understood that oral health is an integrated part of the general health and wellbeing. I therefore work with a holistic philosophy, meaning that I always choose to understand the underlying causes of the oral health diseases and always promote the oral health as part of general health. In this way I educate and treat each one of my patients from their personal needs.

My Projects


Most of my projects has been implemented in schools and kindergartens but also organization with different ethnic and social background. Two of most important projects that I implemented was in the Center of Rehabilitation for mother and children year 2002 and in the organization called The Ideas Partnership with children from Roma community year 2014. All these children involved where from low income families that did not have fully access to dental care (please see attached pictures). I held nine lectures for one day and got to educate nearly 150 children from Roma community. The project consisted of basic information about oral health, caries, sugar consumption and preventive care. I also demonstrated proper brushing with plaque dissolvement. At the end of the lecture’s children got the chance to repeat about everything they learned about oral health. It was amazing how much impact the lectures and the instructions had made on them. It was truly an experience that fulfilled me with such love and motivation.



Humble Smile Kosovo

In this video I talk about my latest project for Humble Smile Foundation which has the aim of improving oral health among Roma community who are marginalized with poor living conditions

World Oral Health Day 2019 Animation

A great animation that I made in collaboration with Video Sinteza for World Oral Health Day 2019.

Oral Hygiene, guest at Klan Kosova show "NIN"

In this video I talk about the oral health situation in Kosovo. How aware are people about their oral health!

Oral Hygiene, guest at Klan Kosova show "Familja Ime"

The importance of dental hygiene. Childrens oral health.

Invited to National Television- Morning show

Presenting the importance of oral health and specifically the special brushes and interdental cleaning.

National Dental Congress- Organised by Dental associacion in Kosovo

Presenting the importance of maintaining a good oral hygiene thru different oral hygiene products depending on specific needs of different patients

The importance of professional teeth cleaning, Klan Kosova program "Ora e Pasdites"

Since it is very important part of oral hygiene, in this video I talk about the importance of professional tooth cleaning.

Oral Health, guest at National Television program "Mirëmëngjesi Kosovë"

One of the most important part of our daily routine is taking care of our teeth.

Tooth care, guest at National Television program "Mirëmëngjesi Kosovë"

One of the most important part of our daily life is taking care of our teeth. Everything good starts with that perfect smile.

World Oral Health Day Animation

A great animation that I created together with Kokrra. World Oral Health day 2015.


Humble Smile Kosovo

HUMBLE SMILE KOSOVO is the name of the …

Officially Humble Smile Foundation Ambassador

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Officially GBT(Guided Biofilm Therapy) Ambassador

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Beside my Oral Health promotion activities and projects, I have also been active with my research work in Kosovo in behalf of my University studies in Sweden and Kosovo. I have three very interesting studies that are focus mainly in understanding the oral health situation in Kosovo. I learned a lot during my studies and I also realized that oral health promotion projects are not enough to make significant changes in preventive dentistry, we need to implement policies. Therefore I constantly give pressure to Ministry of Health in Kosovo to implement the national strategic plan for oral health which we still lack of today. Please find below the abstracts of my studies in Kosovo where I choose to study the underlying factors of the current oral health situation in Kosovo.


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